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A Few of Our World's Finest Languages

In his travels, the Leopard has found that some familiarity with the local language adds unexpected dimension to interactions with locals. Thus, the Leopard throws himself into focused study before each trip he takes.

To help you with your own language explorations, I'm developing this page of the site with useful resources. For now, I have a set of links that I use myself, but I am also working on writing language primers. So far, the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese primers have been finished.



Italian Language Primer:
I have written this fairly detailed but still short summary of the basics of the Italian language to help beginners get started or provide a quick reference guide to those who already know the essentials.

Garzanti Linguistica:
By far the best English-Italian dictionary I have found on the web, complete with verb conjugation tables and plenty of examples of word usage. Registration is required, but it's free.
If you just want to look up something quickly rather than log in to Garzanti, WordReference is a pretty good substitute.



Spanish Language Primer:
Hopefully, my detailed summary of Spanish will get you started if you're new to the language or provide a quick reference guide to those who already know the essentials.
A decent Spanish-English dictionary.

Spanish - Learn it Online:
A good resource for Spanish verbs. The conjugator section gives you the full conjugation for any verb you enter. The trainer section allows you to quiz yourself on the most common conjugations.

Real Academia Española Diccionario
If anyone would know the Spanish language as spoken in Spain it would be the Royal Spanish Academy, and their on-line dictionary is excellent, though it does not provide translation to English.



Portuguese Language Primer:
Here's my best attempt to provide a good overview of the basic principles of one of the world's most widely spoken languages.

Infopédia Dicionário
Though many of the resources on this site are by paid subscription, they offer a pretty good Portuguese dictionary for free. Note that this one is Portuguese only, no English translation.


One of the better French-English dictionaries on the web.

ARTFL French Conjugator
Though I wish it had more tenses, ARTFL provides a fairly good conjugator for French verbs.



LEO German-English Dictionary:
The New English-German Dictionary:
Both of these dictionaries are fairly comprehensive, though I haven't found a truly excellent one yet.



Hindi Script Tutor:
This site is very useful for anyone trying to learn the Devanagari script. It includes a complete table of characters and uses animation and sound to teach you how to write and say them.



Turkish Dictionary:
I've had a difficult time finding decent Turkish language learning resources on the web. This Turkish-English dictionary isn't ideal, but it has served me on many occasions.



Latin-English Dictionary Program Words:
A great resource for Latin study. Just plug in any Latin word and get a complete description of case and English equivalent.

Greek and Latin Dictionary Tools:
The morphological analysis section of this site is another good tool for tracking down the meaning of a Latin word.

Cornell College Latin Links:
Finally, on Cornell's page you can find a whole set of links to help with Latin study. My favorite is Vergil's home page, which features a hypertext version of the Aeneid complete with detailed notes on each word!


Multiple Languages

Inter Active Terminology for Europe Database
This database is not really designed as a dictionary, but it frequently functions just as well. Just input a word in any one of 24 European languages and you can more often than not get a translation into another language out of 24.

The Alternative Dictionaries:
My mother would be horrified to find this site on my page, but I have to acknowledge that sometimes you need to know certain words that most dictionaries stubbornly refuse to define.

Last update for this page: 30 August 2007